Gannet International’s unparalleled knowledge of the complete spectrum of unmanned platforms, systems technologies, and agency programs and directives provide our clients with unequaled insights into government processes and policies, operations management and implementation, and platform selection and sustainment.​

Service Overview
We Provide
An Unmanned Systems Technologies and Management Company
  • Consulting services to industry on the development and deployment of UAS for governmental and non-governmental applications in the U.S. and internationally.
  • Thought leadership and market development of UAS to shape the debate on issues surrounding the benefits and uses of UAS technologies.
  • Strategic assistance to States developing unmanned systems and procedures for FAA test site operations in the national airspace.
  • A determination of the applicability of UAS technologies as an accessible, efficient, and cost-effective solution for day-to-day operations.
  • A strategic plan that creates a roadmap for acquiring and implementing suitable UAS capabilities.
  • Product acquisition negotiating assistance with manufacturing companies for task-specific hardware/software functionality.
  • Administrative services that assist in standing up operations compliant with FAA regulations.
  • The development of training programs designed to certify UAS users and equipment for operations in the national airspace.
  • Advocacy support and cooperation with Federal and State governments and related agencies representing client specific issue areas.