Gannet International provides consulting services and technical expertise to Federal and State governments, domestic [U.S.] municipalities, commercial, and private sector organizations on the implementation, utilization, and future integration of UAS into the national airspace and international flight management systems.

Advances in unmanned platforms, imaging sensors, and data transfer technologies has spurred public sector, private, and commercial interest in unmanned capabilities which is riding an upward spiral in popularity. Industry analysts forecast a strong market for the use of domestic unmanned systems and Congress and the FAA have shown an aggressiveness to support policies and budgets that bolster a larger, more robust national unmanned system capability. 

Gannet International is well positioned to successfully assist clients within this rapidly emerging market by educating, consulting, advocating, preparing, and assisting in acquiring technological capabilities that reflect the appropriate and cost-effective solutions for a full spectrum of UAS needs.

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An Unmanned Systems Technologies and Management Company