Ken Christensen has over 30 years of experience in the aviation field while serving with the Air Force and as a civil servant of NASA and Department of Homeland Security with extensive experience in the areas of maintenance, flying operations, airborne science, remote sensing, surveillance, atmospheric testing and modeling, project management, space shuttle operations, air traffic, airport safety, air traffic and flying simulation, flying training, aviation safety, aircraft crash investigation, aviation advising and aviation policy working closely with the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration and The White House on aviation matters.

Ken is a retired Lieutenant Colonel (Weapons Officer) in the US Air Force, California Air National Guard, Air Force Special Operations and Air Combat Command. He is a veteran of three wars: Desert Storm, Operation, Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, completing 117 combat/combat support missions. In addition, he remains an active commercial pilot.

Ken flew with NASA as the Navigator/Mission Planner for the airborne science division. He was on the Space Shuttle Independent Assessment Team (SSIAT) and was key in forming the initial team to investigate the root cause of two serious flight anomalies on Space Shuttle Columbia STS-93, July 1999. He continued on, entering into business development for the high fidelity simulation arena at NASA. His last position was in Washington, D.C., in the capacity of NASA Liaison to the Department of Homeland Security for Science and Technology where he represented NASA headquarters and the 10 NASA centers as an advisor to the Under Secretary and his staff on NASA technology and aviation matters and was key in capturing project CHLOE to fly on the NASA ER-2 High altitude remote sensing and surveillance platform. In addition, he served as the Co-Chair on the President’s Aviation Sub Committee for Aviation Safety. This committee was responsible for reviewing and writing new policy for aviation safety for the next 20 years. Ken continues to appear on Fox News National and speaks on aviation and space related science and technology segments to include Space Shuttle, International Space Station, Mars Landers, aircraft accidents as well as military and civil aircraft and related subjects.

Ken Christensen
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