Juan Carlos Arevalo is subject matter expert in UAS research and development, with expertise in aerial IP networking, tactical data links, command and control, operations centers data flows, tactical user applications, sensors integration, analytic systems, cloud architectures, cross domain solutions, tactical user applications, analyst, information architecture, and overall data interoperability.

Juan Carlos has built his reputation upon system moderation using applied science, and advancing complex algorithms with 10 years of experience with unmanned related technologies. He has countless successes in information system design, advance data link networking and architecture, and is highly accomplished in examining existing infrastructure and recapitalizing emerging technology or needed processes. He has sourced over $250M in critical aviation programs and is a leading technologist for the Department of Defense (DoD).

Juan Carlos created the Advance Collaboration Information Dominance via Remotely Accessible IP Networking (ACID RAIN). This architecture enables joint services collaboration from operations, intelligence, and supporting teams. ACID RAIN provides an ability to provide an information architecture for interoperability across the entire DOD enterprise; a complete convergence of command and control, and ISR data. He also created a deployable interoperability lab, called Testing Integration of Tactically Next-Gen Systems (TITANS), for future adaptation to new data sources and sensors. 
As the Chief Technologist for the office of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Innovations at the Pentagon, Juan Carlos lead efforts to modernize unmanned systems technologies from its initial concept, through research and development, and testing, to deployed theaters of operation. Using common sense approaches towards modernization and cost efficiencies, he has designed and secured funding for grass root programs throughout a wide spectrum of highly sensitive mission oriented capabilities, including remotely piloted aircraft, geospatial intelligence, combat radios, custom built satellite ground stations, and remotely operated video enhanced receivers (ROVERs). 

Previously, Juan Carlos was a Special Projects Team Leader for the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) where he managed the enterprise smartphone program, involved in the technical planning and integration of existing enterprise authentication and email services. He also redesigned the Secretary of Defense’s briefing room, creating the architecture needed to stream live briefs by Secretary Rumsfeld and Gen Myers worldwide, as well as the DoD’s greater Public Affairs Operations, Strategic Communication Offices, and Joint Combat Camera Infrastructure.

Before his career in the DoD, he was a part of the George Mason University’s Student Technology And Resource (STAR) Laboratory, where he worked to modernize high-end multimedia systems and mentored graduate students on the use of new technologies.  

Juan Carlos Arevalo III
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