The Gannet Policy Group (GPG) is a non-partisan policy center that explores the philosophical, cultural, technical, and operational issues surrounding fielding and implementation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) technologies. GPG understands the potential economic and security benefits of unmanned applications and acts as an important focal point for shaping the UAS debate.

The Center seeks to provide quality, innovative, and practical solutions to assist decision makers in Congress, Federal agencies, and at the State and local level in understanding and advancing unmanned systems technologies. GPG analyses and recommendations are principled on extensive subject matter expertise, decades of policy-making experience, and detailed ongoing research and analysis. 

GPG has partnered with Lexington Institute to provide a venue for thought leadership and market development of UAS, both internationally and in the United States’ national airspace. In support of this effort, we intend to conduct a series of roundtable workshops or panel discussions and published white papers in hopes of facilitating a fuller exploration of the philosophical, cultural, legislative, regulatory, operational, and technical issues surrounding the UAS industry and the development and deployment of UAS for governmental and nongovernmental applications. In doing so, the Center hopes to ultimately advance UAS solutions through a targeted national education program that provides advocacy support and cooperation with Federal agencies and State governments on the implementation and administration of important UAS capabilities.

Shaping The Public Debate
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